You Thought Google Was Enough For Your Research, But There’s More To Data And Research

February 11, 2019

Do you think Google is enough for your business research? Well, the fact that it’s the first place people look for an answer, it’s not a guarantee to get everything from it. It has answers for obvious and straightforward questions but when it comes to data and research, it’s absolutely isn’t enough. So why is Google not enough for research? Here are some obvious reasons.


No Vetting Of Content By Search Engines

Basically, if you have internet, you can access information from blogs and websites. You don’t require paying anything or signing up for something. The information is free but the primary concern when doing research on Google is that you have no clue who wrote the information. Some information may be wrong and therefore, it’s risky to use some data on the web. Traditionally, a lot of research has been done and filled by academic journals. If you get any of these journals, you’ll have the chance to know the author, type of research. The only issue is that these journals are a bit expensive. You can access the journal in a well-equipped library.


No Deep Data


When you rely on search engines, you lack some deeper data, and knowledge from the companies and industries you are researching.  You cant make competitive and strategic decisions by just using google to find out information. Companies like Upwise aggregate all the data from social, employees, news, investment, partnerships, financial reports and help by giving you the right information to make decisions for your company.  This kind of deep data can be good when deciding on strategic partnerships, and buyouts.


Advanced Faceting


When you’re looking for something on Google, it brings other alternative options that aren’t relevant to your research question. When the information you want isn’t available, you may be tempted to use other alternatives which might make your research unrealistic. This can skew your data and knowledge and ultimately help make bad decisions.  


You’ll Need To Pay For It


As you can recall, we stated that information on Google is free but is that true? Remember, you have to be connected to the internet to access the information. No one would create a blog, use his/her money and expect nothing in return. These people earn a lot of cash when you open their site. You can access the information but that’s not for free. Remember, if you get a service for free, you’re actually the product. Although you aren’t directly paying for their content, you are getting in because of their clickbait.  Their information might not be completely accurate. Consider paying for a service that gives accurate data that can help you in the short and long term.


Final word


From the above information, we can conclude that Google isn’t enough for business research. It relies on past and published information which implies that it will not give you the right answers for the current events. You have to do it yourself when collecting some research data.


Are you using the right tools for you? Explore what Upwise has to offer and make sure that your strategy for innovation is done in the right way, with the right information to make data-driven decisions.