The Internet Is The Library Of Pre Internet Days – Just An Ocean Of Information! Learn How To Navigate The Data

March 4, 2019

As strategic thinkers, we naturally and professionally do a lot of research, mainly in the field of business and education.  But the big question is where do we get the information?


When looking for good information, there are tools for that. I’m pretty sure that you must be thinking of Google. This is the go-to place for business research, and well, for good reason.  There is so much information out there, that with quality research can be found with a few search terms.


But something has changed.  When the internet first became vital to everyday life, there were a handful of sources of information, and it was easy to find out what you needed.  But now there are millions of new websites going up every day and that means more information, more data and more google rankings being fought for.


The Internet Today Is Compared To The Library Of Yesterday!


Before the discovery of the internet, people used to do their research on the libraries. There was too much information on the library, and you had to spend a lot of time to complete your research. Do you know why? It’s because too much information can be confusing and you may end up getting the wrong information and misguided in the journey for facts.  It’s not to say you were wrong, but there was just too much to process.


Then there was the discovery of the internet, and the good thing is that we were able to sort out information from a small ecosystem of data.


The internet is now flooded with information. Simple research can take you hours, days, or even weeks and the information you are gathering might not be relevant or accurate. The internet has trillions of bits of information, and you have to fight through it to have the right and accurate information. The flooding of information has made the internet the old style of the library where you needed some help to find the right information.


Upwise is collecting the data relevant to you and making the information visual for you to process the data clearly and accurately.  The data is also focused on what you need and at Upwise, we aggregate all the data from social, employees, news, investment, partnerships, financial reports and make decisions.



Did you know that Upwise can visualize your data and research, and help you make better decisions for your company?  Now that we can try and understand why the internet is like a real-life library, full of data and floods of misused data, we can find tools to focus on finding the needle in the haystack of data and research for your company.  


Are you using the right tools for you? Explore what Upwise has to offer and make sure that your strategy for innovation is done in the right way, with the right information to make data-driven decisions.