It’s Easy To See The Benefits Of Digital Transformation & Innovation When You See The Results

March 28, 2019

Companies need to grow and that’s just how it is.  Some call it scaling, some call it growth, but either way, it’s important for stakeholders and for the company and it’s easy to see the benefits once you see results of implementing strategic innovation and digital transformation into your business.  


But how do enterprise companies make the right decisions in partnerships and acquisitions with the information they have at hand.  First, we need to establish what information most businesses have access to in order to see if the right decisions are being made.


A lot of businesses set out goals, and partnerships/acquisitions and ask their team to do some basic and deep research.  But most businesses only have google at hand. And Google, as much as it has a wealth of information, doesn’t offer the core, deep data that most businesses need in order to make decisions.  So either the final decisions are not the right deal for both sides, or they weren’t brought forward with the right intentions. Either way, it can be a failure for the company and team.  


Are you using the right tools for you? Explore what Upwise has to offer and make sure that your strategy for innovation is done in the right way, with the right information to make data-driven decisions.  



But, there are solutions out there that can leverage your company, and give you the leverage to succeed.  The ultimate goal is to make your customer happy and stay relevant to the market. Customer stays happy, and that means they remain a customer of yours.  


Disruptive Market Intelligence is what works and that’s what Upwise does for you.  We combine machine learning with natural language processing. Our powerful algorithm surfaces the startups, insights, and expertise you need.


Our deep data gives you access to datasets and then analyzes tens of thousands of companies and business activities around the world. We extract business insights with a focus on disruptors, innovators, and startups and go the extra mile to Sort, filter, and shortlist startups based on your corporate needs and criteria.  


We aggregate all the data from social media, employees, news, investment, partnerships, financial reports and make decisions.


If you see the great results, from research and data, then it’s easy to see the benefit for the company and the future of these strategic steps for your customers.


Did you know that Upwise can visualize your data and research, and help you make better decisions for your company?  Now that we can try and understand why the internet is like a real-life library, full of data and floods of misused data, we can find tools to focus on finding the needle in the haystack of data and research for your company.