Interview With Catherine Tymkiw, A Digital Transformation Expert, Talks To Upwise About Customers Involvement In Digital Transformation

April 4, 2019



Catherine is a digital transformation expert and journalist who talks and shares her knowledge on CNN, Reuters and more.  Her opinions are often taken on as strategy and her time at CNN as digital media strategist and senior multiplatform editor helped her see the trends, and what companies were doing to transform their customers.  


Digital transformation is vital to any business but they often can’t do it without the right knowledge and data to go in the right direction.  


We had the opportunity to have a little chat with Catherine to explore her thoughts on this vital entity for any company, whether they want to be innovative or just keep their customers happy.  


Here is the chat with Catherine.  


  1. How Do You Define Successful Digital Transformation?


It depends on your goals. If you are listening to your customers, the changes you make should succeed. But it’s more than that. Successful digital transformation is also dependent on the right internal resources. The entire team, from the top to the bottom, have to buy into the need for transformation. That is the painful part because you may have to adjust who’s in and who’s out. Any transformation represents change and that can be scary for all involved. So ultimately the success depends on the right internal resources and goals that align with customer needs.


  1. How Do You See Digital Transformation Efforts Affecting Customers In The Next 5 Year?


It’s tough to predict the future and when it comes to digital transformation, it’s even more challenging. Customers will have more say in how companies approach digital transformation because they are the ones impacted the most. It’s about their needs. In the past, customers were ‘forced’ to adjust to whatever came their way. Today, it’s the other way around. Companies are informed by what customers need.


  1. Which Are The Emerging Technologies That Will Play A Significant Role In The Digital Transformation Process?


AI and blockchain are the two technologies I hear digital strategists talk about the most.


Catherine’s insights are valuable and it just shows that customers are at the forefront of digital transformation.  It’s of course all about them and we have to explore what they want first, rather than telling them what they need. It never goes well, but with the right data and knowledge, the strategic move can be profitable and long term.  


About Catherine:


Catherine Tymkiw is a digital strategist with a deep background in journalism. She’s passionate about audience growth and engagement, using analytics to set strategy, track progress and find opportunities. With expertise in social media, SEO and search, she helps amplify content and grow brand reach. She most recently completed a Digital Business Leadership Program at Columbia Business School. Follow her tweets.