[Interview] With Beth Kanter: Digital Transformation Can Fit Any Industry, But Some Things Need Some Tweaking!

April 30, 2019


We had the opportunity to speak with Beth Kanter, who is an expert in digital transformation for the nonprofit sector! With over 25 years of experience, including at the Gates Foundation, Beth knows how to make moves and changes in the right way, in order to have the nonprofits stay on top!


  1. How do define successful digital transformation?


I work in the nonprofit sector with organizations that are on the front line of social change and often are trying to solve big hairy problems without minimal resources.  So, I like to think of digital transformation as digital maturity – because with not a lot of resources, nonprofit make very small incremental changes.


  1. How do you see the effect of digital transformation on the public sector?


Digital transformation for nonprofit or digital maturity can help nonprofits deliver their mission more effectively, achieve more impact, and create a better end user experience.   The big issue is change management inside the organization and risk adversity.


  1. How do you see digital transformation efforts affecting customers in the next 5 year?


It has become the norm versus the exception to use your mobile phone or conduct your life online.  Nonprofits understand this and thus are working their digital maturity to create a better user experience.


  1. Which are the emerging technologies that will play a significant role in the digital transformation process?


In my sector, I think that AI will eventually have a huge impact.  I’ve written a few articles about it here:





  1. How do you see the integration of blockchain affecting the businesses?


In the nonprofit sector, could impact fundraising and funders in a big way.   I thought this recent article by Paul Lamb did a terrific job of providing many examples of the benefits and challenges – https://ssir.org/articles/entry/digital_currencies_and_blockchain_in_the_social_sector1


We fully enjoyed this interview with Beth and hope you did too.  Her knowledge about digital transformation and nonprofits combined is valued and appreciated.  We hope you gained some insight too.