Blockchain Can Fix Your Lack Of Innovation In Your Company

September 9, 2019

Does Blockchain help in the innovation of a company? Blockchain has essential implications for organizations when it comes to marketing and advertising. Recent research has just confirmed that about 8% of the companies seldom use the blockchain in their marketing.


So what is so critical about blockchain and why is it relevant in your company? Usually, blockchain is a digital database containing crucial information like financial transactions that can be shared or used through a network. It can be used to record two-party transactions in a verifiable way. The transactions are hashed and saved in a distinct block.


It gets simple.  These blocks are the ones that form the chain, and they can’t be erased or tampered with. Again, blockchain is a decentralized network and therefore, it can’t be controlled by one party. The management by two parties makes these transactions secure, and it is impossible for an outsider or intruder to complete them. This is the reason why blockchain is known for securing data.


The Advantage Of Blockchain Across Various Companies


–  Health sector: The blockchain technology can be used as a fixed and viable data exchange system and record of information. Medical companies can build a protected electronic framework record for conveying and storing data while offering clients trustworthiness and dependability.

–  Insurance: Blockchain application is essential in insurance companies. For instance, travel agencies can assist in avoiding delays and cancellation suffered in their client’s flights.

–  Security: We have seen how blockchain is fundamental in security sectors. They can be used to secure transaction, avoid or reduce human mistakes, and enhance communication, etc.


How Does A Company Innovate Through Blockchain?


–  Focus on Application

Instead of concentrating on abstract conversations of distributed ledgers, you can focus on how blockchain can do for your business or company. Understand the benefits and application. Is it effective? How does it help to solve your business issues?


–  Use Common Sense

Blockchain isn’t a magic potion. It can’t solve all the issues in your company. For instance, you can’t see everything as a nail just because you have a hammer. Use common sense and use other available solutions. You can ask yourself what blockchain can do for your business that cannot be done by a well-distributed database.


–  Engage Real Experts

Engage professionals with blockchain application experience. They’re most helpful in this new technology.


Final word


Was this piece helpful? Well, this is how blockchain technology can help specific industries to innovate and to stay relevant for their customers. However, using software like upwise.io will give you the market insight to understand how blockchain can help your industry and improve it.