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Our founders have extensive experience in both the startup and corporate worlds and were looking for easy ways to connect the two — through easy discovery, collaboration, and communication. When they couldn’t find anything that met these needs, they created Upwise.

To provide businesses with the insights and expertise they need to stay ahead of the curve and get a competitive advantage. We want to help corporates to be the disruptor, rather than get left behind in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

The Upwise vision

Upwise helps you overcome the difficulties large corporates have in working with startups. We know the challenges of identifying the right ideas and innovators, tailoring insights to enterprise needs, and communicating in an easy, flexible, and timely way.

The Upwise Technology Platform

We aggregate data from many sources about startup and tech companies and create a huge interrelationship graph that connects startups, corporates, investors, competitors, and others.
We analyze and process the data using AI, machine learning, NLP and powerful algorithms. This lets us extract powerful insights and creates true, objective business intelligence that we tailor to your exact needs.
Data and algorithms can only go so far — that’s why we’ve built a global ecosystem of experts, combining thought-leadership with the knowledge and experience of world-class consultants.
The Upwise Technology Platform

Breaking Through the Barriers

Without Upwise, introducing new solutions mainly relied on traditional sales tactics, business connections, and expensive consulting firms. This becomes a self-reinforcing barrier to new ideas, continual learning, forward-thinking, and innovative concepts.

Upwise gives enterprise and large corporates the agility they so desperately need, by connecting them with truly innovative businesses that can revolutionize operations, products, services, and strategy.

Our team combines business, strategy, and technology experts from diverse backgrounds, all with one aim — to bring together corporates and startups in powerful partnerships, so everyone can create powerful growth.

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