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Author: upwise
Date: March 20, 2019

Seven Quick Tips to Foster Innovation in Your Company

We hear about innovation from every part of successful businesses. Companies need to embrace innovation to be competitive, adapt to the changing market conditions, and remain relevant. Workers need to think outside the box, but the funny thing is that no one elaborates what the box entails.

Author: upwise
Date: March 18, 2019

The Ten Steps Needed In Order To Put Innovation Into Action

There was a time when innovation and creativity were best known to be associated with musicians, artists, and writers. It didn’t take time for business or companies to transform due to the intense competitions that dominated the market. Nowadays, different mindset and the need to visualize is now critical more than ever before. As the customers are bombarded with a large number of options, there is a need to promote employee creativity and innovation. Below are the ten steps required for putting innovation into action.

Author: upwise
Date: March 13, 2019

Where Are You Getting Your Data From? Is It Helping You Make Those Decisions?

Are you using Data to make a decision? Where do you get those data? Well, Data-driven decision making is an exercise that involves collecting and analyzing data. This data is then used to make decisions by using the ideas one obtains from the data. This practice is contrary to making decisions our blue or following guts, instincts, theory tradition or even feelings. This is a more reliable practice to follow when making decisions as there is tangible data that can be evaluated easily.