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Upwise Connects Experts with Corporates

Upwise is a startup identification and discovery platform that brings startups, consultants, and corporates together. We help some of the biggest companies in the world to innovate, by connecting them with startups and experts like you.

Our platform identifies the most exciting thought-leaders, innovators, and disruptors and enables communication, partnership, investment, and acquisition.

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How Upwise Works

The Upwise platform is an ecosystem between corporates, startups, and experts. We make it easy for everyone to collaborate, communicate, and innovate.

We work with global enterprises to help them find the experts and innovators who can turbocharge product development, streamline operations, and drive growth. We choose some of the best consultants and startups and connect them with the corporates that need inspiration, insight, and ideas.

We’re expanding the startups, consultants, and thought-leaders across our network, and we need your expertise.

Here’s what we offer:

Access to some of the largest businesses in the world.
Opportunities to impact decision-making, strategic growth, efficiency, and product design for market leaders.
No setup fee, fee per lead, or risk.
User-defined terms, pricing, and engagement.
Streamlined, seamless processes.
Awesome learning and innovation journeys.

How to get involved


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We will create an account for you on the Upwise platform


We’ll notify you by email when a corporate wants to connect with you.


You choose how and when to engage with the corporate.


Upwise takes payment from the corporate and forwards your agreed fees to you, less our 20% commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we take a 20% commission of any fees you agree with your client.

We hand pick every expert we approach. We heard about you through our network or we found you on LinkedIn.

We will set you up on the system and send you a link to your profile. If you need to edit anything, just contact us and we’ll make the changes immediately.

We take your professional information from LinkedIn. You can then request any changes you would like.

Upwise is a paid and private platform that provides services to medium and large companies, corporates and enterprises. These members of our platform can see your profile and communicate with you.

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