Upwise will get your startup noticed by some of the largest companies in the world

Welcome to Upwise

Our startup discovery and collaboration platform brings together large corporates and enterprises with startups like yours, so you can collaborate on new ideas, products, and services.

We know how difficult it is for your startup to get noticed by industry leaders. Our platform identifies the unique value proposition your business provides and gives corporates the tools to get in touch with you so you can get the partnership to help you grow.
Oh, and did we mention, it won’t cost you anything.

How Upwise Can Help Your Startup

Corporates discover your startup through our platform — we provide market intelligence and insights so they can uncover the startups and technologies that will help them develop new products and services. Once they have shortlisted your startup, they can get in touch in a couple of ways.

They can schedule a quick, half-hour call with you to understand what you do and how you can collaborate. We’ll schedule and facilitate the call through the Upwise platform.

Alternatively, they can ask you specific questions to better understand products, services, and potential opportunities. We send out the inquiry to you. You answer the questions, and we share them with the corporate.

The corporate client can either choose to say who they are, or they can remain anonymous.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Upwise is completely free for startups. We charge corporate clients who use the platform.

We use various public and paid data sources to identify startups and what they offer, and choose the most promising to join the platform.

We allow corporates to find out more about specific startups in a frictionless way. We respect their request to stay anonymous. Unfortunately, we can’t disclose who they are but we can provide some general information so you can understand the sector, location, and company size.

Get in touch and we’ll share information that you can edit.

We share your answers with the client as you have written them. The corporate will review them and decide whether they’d like to engage further. They may contact you directly or through the Upwise platform.

Only our clients can see your answers.

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