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Any organization needs to keep a close eye on marketplace trends and influences so they can act and stay ahead of the curve.

You need powerful, easy-to-understand market intelligence and insights so you can make informed decisions that limit risk and promote growth.

Your competitors aren’t standing still, and neither can you. Upwise uses smart discovery tools and customized reports to give you the context and information you need, right now.

Don’t get left behind, let Upwise be the difference-maker for your Market intelligence. Take advantage of our powerful tools and make sure you don’t get out-maneuvered. Get the insight your competitors have missed and use it to enhance your strategy, products and processes, and supercharge business growth.

Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not the only, source of competitive advantage.

Ari Emanuel

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How Upwise Transforms Your Market Intelligence

We understand the challenges in sourcing and using the data you need. Upwise is designed to make market intelligence as easy as possible. Upwise combines thorough data with AI and machine learning to give you powerful context and insight. You will discover the right data, intelligence, startups, companies, and experts to achieve your strategic goals.

It’s easy to see the benefits

Tailored Insights
Tailored Insights

Extract market intelligence opportunities and insights in your marketplace with a focus on disruptors, innovators, and startups.

Industry Trends
Industry Trends

Understand all the trends, influences, and competitors in your industry with insight into tens of thousands of companies, technologies, and business activities around the world.

Data Driven
Data Driven

Drill down and uncover the right insight, innovation, and trends to make forward-thinking business decisions.


Competitve Intelligence
Competitve Intelligence

Understand your competitors and peers, beat them to market, and outshine them.

Upwise transforms how you source, understand, and act on data to drive business growth

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