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Corporate development relies on strong values.

Your corporate development relies on strong strategy, deep understanding, powerful market intelligence, and the ability to innovate. Upwise lets you understand the big picture by giving you insight into your marketplace, sharing major trends, and uncovering the businesses that can revolutionize your offerings.

Don’t get left behind, let Upwise be the difference-maker in your corporate development. Take advantage of our powerful tools and make sure you don’t get out-maneuvered and left behind. Uncover the data your competitors have missed, incorporate it into your strategy, and supercharge business growth.

The enterprise that does not innovate ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change such as the present, the decline will be fast.

Peter Drucker

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How Upwise Transforms Your Corporate Development and Market Intelligence

We understand the challenges in developing and executing on your corporate strategy. Upwise is designed to make everything as easy as possible, from discovery and business intelligence to interacting with the startups that will help to develop and support your business, products, and services.

Upwise combines data and machine learning to help you to be the disruptor, rather than being the victim of changes elsewhere. You will find the right startups, companies, and experts to partner with and achieve your strategic goals.

It’s easy to see the benefits

Tailored Insights
Tailored Insights

Extract corporate development opportunities and insights in your marketplace with a focus on disruptors, innovators, and startups.

Market Trends
Market Trends

Understand all the trends, influences, and competitors in your industry with market intelligence for tens of thousands of companies, technologies, and business activities around the world.

Seamless Interaction
Seamless Interaction

Easily interact with startups and solution providers through our platform.

Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence

Understand your competitors and peers, beat them to market, and outshine them.

Centerlized Collaboration<br />
Centerlized Collaboration

Collaborate and manage corporate development and innovation, from initial startup communications through engagement, to completion.

Upwise transforms how you find, interact, and build relationships with the businesses that will transform your strategy

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